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Before Your Visit – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Before Your Visit

At RestorePDX, we believe that preparation is the best strategy for success and your visit is no different. Your experience is a top priority for our team.

If you are a new patient, please print and complete the New Patient Packet. We have simplified the form as much as possible, but it will take some time to complete accurately.

Download the New Patient Registration form

We will provide a reminder notification regarding your upcoming visit. Please expect either a text, email and/or a voicemail from RestorePDX. Please See Arrival information below.

Arrival Information:

Patients are expected to make the required payment (either co-payment, co-insurance or the entire procedure) at the time of check-in. Some procedures are a considerable amount and on these occasions will be discussed with the patient prior to arrival. Please bring a government issued form of identification.

Please be aware that transportation from the clinic post procedure will be required if you have chosen to be sedated. Please arrange transportation with a family member, friend or taxi (patient responsible for taxi fees) to drive you home safely.

Finally, please keep in mind that you can assist and enhance your outcomes by implementing a few strategies prior to your procedure. Strategies include:

Healthy diet
Sleep (8-9 hours)
Exercise (if possible)
Weight Management
Stress reduction and emotional health

Each of these areas play an important role in your overall and everyday health. We can provide educational information if requested. Our RestorePDX team will work diligently for you and we expect each of you to play an active role in your own health.