Treatment for Conditions like lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain.

Advanced Care for Your Whole Body

RestorePDX utilizes the latest medical techniques and technologies to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions—from painful musculoskeletal issues to functional imbalances.

Knee & Leg

Our precise, regenerative treatments are designed to reduce pain and accelerate healing of acute injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, and more.

Pelvis & Hip

Our effective, non-operative procedures relieve pain and reduce swelling and inflammation from injuries, arthritis and more.


Reduce shoulder pain caused by trauma, overuse, arthritis, or inflammation—while improving joint function and speeding up your ability to heal.

Spine & Back

Reduce swelling, inflammation, irritation and pain cause by overuse, arthritis, injury, age-related degradation, nerve issues, and more.

Head & Neck

Alleviate pain and find lasting relief from headaches, acute head and neck injuries, arthritis, overuse, and more.

Hand & Wrist

Find effective treatment for pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by everyday overuse, acute injuries, and age-related conditions like arthritis.


Regain mobility, reduce stiffness and swelling, and decrease pain caused by injury, arthritis, overuse, and more.

Foot & Ankle

Our innovative foot and ankle procedures decrease pain and inflammation and create a more effective environment for healing.


Our Integrative, Patient-Centered Approach

As every patient is unique, there’s no one-sized-fits-all approach to health and wellness. That’s why our experienced team spends time listening to and working closely with every individual patient to uncover the root cause of symptoms and find the right solutions for effective healing and lasting relief.

Although most medical practices focus on treating only the symptoms, RestorePDX takes a whole patient perspective. This philosophy empowers us to not only alleviate symptoms, but to deliver better long-term outcomes and sustainable results. Our commitment to our patients, along with our rigorous diagnostics process and leading-edge treatments, allows us to provide remarkably successful treatments—even when other medical practitioners have failed.

Our ultimate goal is to restore our patients’ function, performance, and lives—putting you on the path towards vibrant health now and for years to come.

Patient Testimonials

“I have been living with debilitating low back pain since 2009 and when I started seeing Dr. Wright for IV therapies, she steered me in the direction of RestorePDX. It was the first time I thought there was an option that would work outside of surgery. I was scheduled for a disc replacement and fusion when I had my first appointment with Dr. Desai. I wasn’t a believer at first, but after doing a ton of research and listening to Dr. Wright and Sonni, I decided to go for it. And I am so incredibly glad that I did!

I can’t say enough good things about RestorePDX. Dr. Desai blew me away with his willingness to do whatever it took to help me, along with Dr. Wright and Sonni. Everyone was so attentive and I could really feel their desire to help me get out of pain and back to my life. I can’t wait to have a cervical epidural PRP here at the end of the year when I return from New Zealand to combat these osteophyte and herniating discs in my cervical spine.

I can’t begin to thank this team enough for giving me my life back. I’ve been doing physical therapy now for almost a full month (when years ago, it only made my symptoms worse) and I have been able to work out in a gym for the first time in almost seven years. SEVEN YEARS!

At 24, I thought I was pretty much going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I often found myself thinking, ‘If I feel this way now, what’s it going to be like in two years, or twenty’? It wasn’t a happy place to be. But now, thanks to the team at Restore PDX, I am now able to hike without incredible pain that can lay me out for days. I can get back to exercising and doing the things that I love like wakeboarding, playing softball or soccer, or mountain climbing—when for the last seven years, I’ve basically been on the sidelines of my life. Thanks again guys, you have no idea what your determination and compassion has done for me, and I don’t know how to ever repay you other than a million thank yous. Kia pai, in Maori it means be well!”

–Danika K.

“I had just gotten over prostate cancer.  I had my prostate removed, and I had already had an experience of five pulmonary embolisms from a botched up surgery, so I was trying to get my health back from that.

Because of the prostate surgery I was having ED problems.  When I first came to Grimm, he ran a battery of blood work on me. My urologist had said my testosterone is okay, but Jeff was able to dig deeper and said my free testosterone is not okay and I need to get on testosterone therapy, which I’ve been doing.

My partner is very happy with the quality of the sex life. At 70 years old, I don’t expect it to be like a normal 20 year old, but we still are living! Jeff was able to help, to increase the quality of the performance. With other doctors, they said ‘I don’t know what we’re gonna do,’ and that was just basically it.

I’ve also been working with Rene at Fit Academy. He’s one of the best coaches that I could ever come across. I see Rene two to three times a week.  My house is on stilts and I put landscape lighting in my house, and I had to climb up poles and scaffolding, and I don’t think I could have done all that without going to see Rene.

Right now I feel like I’m 40 years old, I can keep up with most anybody. I just feel better, I feel more alive, I feel more energetic. Grimm looks at the inside, Rene looks at the outside and I just feel much better.”


–Jim B.

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