Interventional Orthopedics

Depending on the specific nature and source of your pain, a variety of interventional pain procedures may be considered. These procedures most typically utilize x-ray guidance (fluoroscopy) and/or ultrasound and may include injections of medications into muscles, joints, specific peripheral nerves and the spine. Radiofrequency nerve ablation may also be considered for certain pain conditions.

RestorePDX has decades of experience with injection therapy for pain in all areas of the body. We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the options for extended pain relief. Request an appointment online by using the form below.

Hear From Our Patients

Patient Testimony – Ken

Meniscus Tear

NBA Referee, Ken Maurer, relies on the health and dependability of his legs. After doing research and visiting different doctors, he found that Dr. Desai was the only one able to work with him to properly diagnose and progress the healing of his right knee. Not wanting to affect the season, Ken received treatment from Dr. Desai to reduce pain until surgery could be performed. Ken had NO pain for the rest of the season and returned during the off-season to receive stem cell therapy.

Treatments Received: DISC Method Stem Cell Therapy

DISC Method Stem Cell Therapy

Danika Klein was always on the go until her lower back pain halted her at a young age. The flare-ups and pain were so frequent and intense, she believed her only solution was major surgery.  After being referred to Dr. Desai, Danika started stem cell therapy to relieve the pain. She no longer needed surgery and is also proud that she no longer takes opioids to manage the pain. She’s now happy to be back in her routines she previously couldn’t do prior to being a patient at RestorePDX.

Treatments Received: Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Judy Harrington suffered an injury while doing aerobics. It left her unable to participate in any sports that she loved and injured her so badly that she could hardly walk. After a couple of failed treatments, she was told by her general physician that were not any options left and she would have to live with the pain. This news was devastating to Judy and she sought out RestorePDX. She began receiving Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy and her quality of life was restored within months. She is now pain-free and back to enjoying the active lifestyle that she loves. 

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