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What Can Pain Medicine Do For Me?

Pain Medicine is a distinct discipline, or specialty, of the larger field of medicine that is primarily focused on the prevention and treatment of primary and secondary pain. Pain is an incredibly complex phenomenon that can take a variety of forms, including acute pain, which arises suddenly, often as a result of trauma or illness; chronic pain, which is defined as pain lasting more than three months; or malignant pain, which is the result of malignancy within the body.

Pain is a deeply personal experience, and its manifestation can vary widely from person to person, even between individuals sharing the same underlying causes. In other words, a broken arm for you can be the most excruciating pain ever--an absolute ten out of ten--while your next-door neighbor can suffer the same fracture and experience far less severe pain.

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Building on the traditional model of musculoskeletal treatment, RestorePDX takes the additional step of partnering with each patient to incorporate lifestyle management into their treatment plan, armed with the knowledge that the vast majority of diseases--musculoskeletal or otherwise--spawn from or are made worse by lifestyle factors. Unfortunately, this is a wholly novel approach to the treatment of orthopedic injuries today, as many practitioners focus on the gross anatomy of an injury and little else. The unique, comprehensive approach at RestorePDX allows us to deliver cutting-edge, holistic treatment plans uniquely tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

In short, RestorePDX specializes in integrative, regenerative musculoskeletal treatments designed to accelerate healing, relieve pain, maintain whole-body health, and empower you to live a happier, more fulfilling life--all without surgery.

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