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Can Regenerative Medicine Help My Back Pain?

At RestorePDX, we believe that the standard of care for the most common conditions of the spine is incomplete and wanting. As it stands today, the first-line treatments for most common spine conditions include steroid injections bathing the site of inflammation or damage; conservative measures like physical therapy or narcotics; and, if all else fails, invasive single- or multi-level fusion surgeries that serve to stabilize the spine.

However, at RestorePDX we believe that the missing piece in the current standard of care is regenerative medicine, the umbrella term for a nascent set of treatment modalities that seek to harness the body’s natural ability to heal itself in the management of orthopedic conditions.

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Regenerative medicine is a rapidly expanding field of related treatments that seek to harness the body’s innate ability to heal itself in the management of orthopedic injuries and disorders, including pathologies of the spine. Regenerative medicine is a very large discipline with applications in subspecialties far beyond those focused on the musculoskeletal system--in fact, procedures like organ transplants and some cellular or gene therapies fall under the umbrella of regenerative medicine.

However, orthopedic regenerative medicine is singularly focused on delivering handpicked assortments of a body’s own cells, some of which have been processed to optimize or enhance their innate healing properties, to the precise anatomical site of a musculoskeletal injury. These cells, once expertly delivered to the site of an injury, use their natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties to act on the damaged tissue and promote healing and drive recovery.

At RestorePDX, our team works with each patient to develop a recovery plan that reflects their unique circumstances.

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