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Our team of certified fitness professionals will show you the path to long term and sustainable health and wellness.  This month only, enjoy 2 weeks free to try out the innovative Medical Fitness program to establish new strategies for health, strength, weight loss, mobility, rehab, or whatever your goal may be.


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A Medically Integrated Approach for Lasting Success

Detailed Programming

Your medical provider and your trainer communicate regularly for a seamless experience.

Mind/Body Connection

It takes more than just a good workout for total body health. Let us help you connect the dots.

New Skills and Techniques

We teach you how to use all the right tools for a fun-filled and injury-free workout.

New Daily Habits

As you integrate new habits into your life, whole body health becomes a way of life.

Musculoskeletal Care

When necessary, non-surgical minimally-invasive procedures can accelerate progress.

Functional Medicine

Your medical provider and trainer work together to deliver the best nutrition plan for your needs.

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The Right Trainer Makes All the Difference...

Berley’s knowledge of training techniques and functional movement is truly vast. We work together to determine my personal goals and the outcome I’m trying to achieve and then he designs the program to get me there. Each session is challenging, but also unique and fun!

Josh Thomas

“Before training at RestoreFIT I didn’t know how to correctly do any exercises. I know I’m stronger now than I have ever been in my whole life. Each session feels like a big accomplishment and a reminder of how far I’ve come. I definitely couldn’t have come this far without Jason’s help. He does a great job creating a plan and adjusts to what is best for me.”

Song H.

“Working with Rene at RestoreFIT not only pushed me to levels I didn’t think I could reach, but also helped me get past my psychological block. Every time I meet with Rene, I want to push myself to do better and to not give up.” -Cory C.

Cory C.

“Josh is super knowledgeable about the safest and most efficient ways to work out, and always takes the time to explain or demonstrate why something works. I’m glad I chose to work with him at RestoreFIT.”

Summer E.

Hee Weon's Story

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