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Dr. Desai joined NBC Sports Northwest to discuss the unfortunate, season-ending injury for Portland Trail Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic. After scoring 32 points against the Brooklyn Nets, Nurkic battled for an offensive rebound when he suffered a compound fracture to his left tibia and fibula, which broke through the skin.

First things first, will Nurkic be okay?

Following his surgery, Dr. Desai is confident Nurkic will heal and recover. Knock on wood, he should be playing basketball next season, around mid-season.

What’s the biggest concern, according to Dr. Desai?

When exposing internal tissues, muscles, organs to the external environment, you’re increasing the risk of infection. However, the chances of an infection are extremely rare, and Dr. Desai is confident Nurkic is in the best care possible.

What does the road ahead look like?

Nurkic will undergo surgery, which may or may not include a metal plate or external fixators. As his muscles will temporarily atrophy, he will undergo rehab to get his leg strength symmetric and back in playing shape. Sleep, optimal nutrition, and an aggressive supplement regimen will allow for the most accelerated return.  

What’s going on with CJ McCollum?

Portland Trail Blazers CJ McCollum is recovering from a strained popliteus muscle, a rare injury that is most commonly seen in tennis players. The area, which is located behind the knee, can become strained with micro-tears if you land awkwardly with abnormal rotation of your lower leg. K-Laser Class IV laser therapies, and regenerative injection therapies, like the ones offered at RestorePDX, can help blood flow to expedite the recovery process.

We wish the Trail Blazers all the best in their playoffs journey and wish Nurkic and McCollum speedy recoveries!