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RestorePDX was founded upon the principles of patient centered care, collaborative medicine, and cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. It is the first practice in the country to bring together the worlds of Interventional and Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Pain Management, Sports Medicine, and Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine.

Our practitioners seek to provide an integrated, thoughtful and conservative care model for musculoskeletal and spine health.

Interventional Spine Pain Management

The mission of interventional spine pain management is to significantly relieve patient’s pain by minimally invasive procedures. These include a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, finding the true pain generator, and then treat with guided, accurate, safe, minimally invasive interventional procedures. These include: Epidural injections Facet blocks Radiofrequency ablation- RFA Neurostimulation Trials Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP The focus of this service is interventional spine therapies rather than Narcotic or Opioid pain medicine.

Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology

The musculoskeletal system includes muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves and cartilage. At RestoreRDX, we use the latest techniques and technology to diagnose a wide range of musculoskeletal diseases. Our musculoskeletal radiologist- Dr. Rahul Desai, also employs minimally invasive image-guided regenerative stem cell therapies to treat a variety of conditions. We serve patients from referring doctors including orthopedists, rheumatologists, physiatrists and primary care physicians. To help us make a diagnosis, we use safe, state-of-the-art equipment to see inside your body. Technologies include: Musculoskeletal ultrasound, High-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computerized tomography (CT), Fluoroscopy Dr.Desai will carefully review your images to identify your pain triggers and properly diagnose your pain. He will develop a unique and specific treatment plan tailored to relieve your pain.

Stem Cell and Biologic Therapies

The Biologic and Regenerative Institute at RestorePDX is actively engaged in developing applications of stem cell and biologic therapies for musculoskeletal injuries, age-related degeneration and aesthetics.

Interventional Sports Medicine

RestorePDX Interventional Sports Medicine is a Non-Surgical minimally invasive treatment program to heal sports, overuse and age related injuries. Interventions include: Stem Cell Therapies: Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate- BMAC, Fat Aspirate. Biologic Therapies: Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP, Adult Growth factors. Interventions include: Spinal Cord Stimulation, Epidurals, Facet blocks, Selective Nerve blocks, Trigger points, Hydrodissection, bracing, Aspiration and Lavage,

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine addresses the spectrum of healing by seeking to discover the underlying cause of disease and restore the organism to a state of optimal functioning. This is achieved by treating the patient as an individual, paying close attention to family history, epigenetics, lifestyle factors and utilizing advanced diagnostic testing combined with interventions that are restorative in nature.

IV Nutritional Therapies

Many patients benefit from intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The IV route has particular advantages over oral supplementation. Absorption is 100% and serum concentrations can be reached that far exceed what is possible through oral supplementation. Poor diet, chronic disease, prescription drugs, exposure to toxins and advanced age can all contribute to vitamin/mineral depletion over time.