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RestorePDX has been selected by Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. as one of the ten clinics in the
United States to provide stem cell treatment in an FDA approved clinical trial. Our clinic was selected
because of our extensive experience in regenerative medicine and dedication to advancement of FDA
regulated treatments. Summary information is below. We would welcome the opportunity to speak
with you regarding your interest in this clinical trial.

Clinical Trial Summary: Stem Cell Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis in One Knee

This clinical trial provides a stem cell product produced from a small lipoaspiration sample of your fat collected in our clinic. We ship the fat to the FDA-inspected Personalized Stem Cells laboratory in San Diego. The stem cells are extracted and manufactured into a cell product and tested for sterility and other quality tests. The cells are shipped back to our clinic for injection into your knee. All participants in the clinical trial will be receiving the investigational stem cell treatment.

Benefits from participation in PSC clinical trials include

Possible Clinical Trial Benefits

Published results from trials using a patient’s own stem cells from fat (related product type) have shown a number of benefits such as

This is a clinical trial and you may not see any of the listed possible benefits.

Possible Risks and Discomforts from Liposuction (fat collection)

Possible Risks and Discomforts from an Injection into your knee

Unforeseeable risks

Although there is substantial literature regarding the long-term safety of this type of cellular therapy,
Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. has not conducted any long-term safety trials of these stem cells from this
specific process and there may be unforeseeable risks.
Clinical Trial Participant Activities (what is expected of you)


This is a Patient Funded trial. This means that the patient pays a fee at the beginning of the trial to cover all costs other than for Initial visit(s). There is no cost for the production of the investigational stem cell product. The trial total cost is $8,900 and includes the banking of any extra stem cells for one year.

Do I Qualify?

If you meet the following criteria:

And if you don’t have any of the following:

Then you might be eligible to participant in this Patient Funded study.

Next Steps

Please call us at 503-506-6119 if you are interested in participating in this clinical trial.