Success Stories: Shoulder Replacement Recovery & PRP Injections

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Our innovative treatments and unique approach have helped hundreds of patients find relief and achieve lasting wellness, so they can do more of the things they love.

Patient Success Stories

Judy Harrington
Treatments Received:

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Danika Klein
Treatments Received:

DISC Method Stem Cell Therapy

Carol Riggs
Treatments Received:

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Bonnie Nelson
Treatments Received:

Cellular Therapy & Platelet-Rich Plasma

Tim Fire
Treatments Received:

Stem Cell Therapy – Lower Back

Sarah Abadi
Treatments Received:

Stem Cell Therapy – Hip Athritis Dysplasia

Jordan Stanton
Treatments Received:

Intra-discal/Spine PRP

Norm A.
Treatments Received:

Tenex for elbow pain

Patient Testimonials

“Jeff Grimm and the staff at RestorePDX are not only friendly and fantastic people, they know how to help people feel better. I have made amazing changes to my life and my health with the assistance of my friends at RestorePDX.”

– R. Brown

“RestorePDX is amazing! The staff and providers are all warm, welcoming and they genuinely care about my health and well-being. As an athlete needing to be back in the competitive health, they provided the best care possible to set me on the road to recovery. I would recommend RestorePDX to everyone!”

– Michael G.

“RestorePDX is the most welcoming doctors office I have ever been to. Jeff Grimm NP-C took the time to really figure out what was going on and has assisted me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.”

– Morgan E.

“RestorePDX’s staff are Rock stars. At each visit I have been treated well, been given great support and never waited more than 5-8 minutes. You are all a great team from front to back staff. Love having Wi-Fi sign on in a comfy waiting room I really think you all are doing a great job and should hear about it.”

– Malie A.

“I have been with Dr.Desai for approximately 3 years for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. During that time, I received PRP injections for low back pain, left shoulder pain and right knee pain and have had remarkable success. I have and will continue to let friends and family know of the therapy and procedures. Thank You Dr.Desai”

– Louis K.

Case Studies

Name: Neck Pain Patient
Age: 56

“56 year old female patient presented for evaluation from her chiropractor with a 20 month history of vertigo and neck pain immediately following foot surgery for melanoma in April, 2012.

After my evaluation and review of the MRI of her neck, determined that she had pain from the small joints of the upper part of her neck and possible pinching of one of the nerves in her neck.  Following this we performed injections into the small joints of the upper neck (the facet joints) and she had 80% relief of her pain.

After a second injection, this time an epidural steroid injection, she returned 2 weeks later and noted 90% improvement in the remaining symptoms and no episodes of vertigo for 10 days. She was extremely happy and verged on the point of tears to finally, after 20 months, to have relief.”

Name: Lower Back Pain Patient
Age: 59

“59 year-old with low back and leg pain. During the patients first visit, he expressed that he was a passionate golfer and has been unable to play. MRI evaluation demonstrated a herniated disk in his low back.

After 2 sets of lumbar epidural steroid injections, in combination with physical therapy, he has returned to golf and is very happy with his pain relief.”

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