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Yoga for Chronic Pain

Does chronic pain limit your ability to enjoy your daily activities and tasks?

Through the Yoga for Chronic Pain Workshop, you will learn and practice evidence-based strategies for effectively managing symptoms of pain.

February 6th – March 29th

Mondays and Wednesdays – 9:30am

Limited to 12 spots. Reserve yours today.


Meet Your Instructor

Atalaya Lorine Holtzman is a far traveled, down to earth, fitness and nutrition expert. Her 4 years of active duty enlistment as a United States Marine led to multiple certification experiences, including NASM Personal Trainer, Tactical Fitness Training, AFPA Personal training, and Nutrition Consulting, helping to prepare her for a career in health and wellness.  Atalaya has become a knowledgable and experienced yoga teacher specializing in Yoga for Chronic Pain, Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpt and Chair Yoga. By carefully crafting her classes for all levels and abilities, her students enjoy continual and lifelong progress. Her active and holistic teaching style sets her students up for confidence, strength, and success.

Yoga 200-Hour Certified

OHSU Yoga for Chronic Pain Professional Training Certificate

About the Program

Yoga for Chronic Pain is an 8 week program that has been shown to help people experiencing persistent pain to minimize pain, fatigue and emotional distress while promoting vitality, self-acceptance, and relaxation. This collaborative experience will introduce the skills needed to create a mindful yoga-based practice for anyone who experiences chronic pain.

During the Yoga for Chronic Pain program, we explore:

  • Evidence-based strategies to regulate pain and related symptoms such as fatigue
  • Tailoring your personal yoga practice for specific symptoms
  • Weekly practice sessions to integrate new knowledge
  • Instruction and guidance in ongoing maintenance
  • Collaborating with the medical community for whole body health

A Lifelong Investment

The Yoga for Chronic Pain System is a lifelong practice beginning with our 8-week immersion experience.  The principles and skills you learn in our small group setting equip you to create a lifelong yoga practice that can become an integrated piece of your symptom management, empowering you to live life on your terms.

Register with Earlybird Promo Code “RestoreYoga” by December 31st to save $100 off tuition.

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Limited Space Available

This workshop is limited to only 12 participants to ensure maximum attention from your instructor and a personalized experience.  Be sure to register early to save your spot as these will fill up fast.

Register with Earlybird Promo Code “RestoreYoga” by December 31st to save $100 off tuition.

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