Stem cell therapy for lower back pain

Patient Experience

Get relief from low back pain with stem cell therapy

Telomere lengthening

How fast are you really aging?

Discover your cellular age with Telomere testing.

Dr. Rahul Desai

Our Medical team

Rahul Desai MD, discussing why he founded RestorePDX and his medical philosophies. Portland’s Musculoskeletal and Regenerative Medicine expert.

Jeff Grimm, NP-C

Our Medical team

Jeff Grimm NP-C, Fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine - RestorePDX- Jeff discusses his drive to understand and prevent age related diseases.

Brooke Bennis, DO

Our Medical team

Brooke Bennis, DO discusses her passion for practicing medicine at RestorePDX.

Sonni Rychlik, PA

Our Medical team

Sonni Rychlik, PA discusses her passion for practicing medicine at RestorePDX.

Kirsten Wright ND, MD

Our Medical Team

Meet Kirsten Wright ND, MS, Resident at RestorePDX

Achilles tendon injury and treatment

Dr.Desai with Comcast Sports Network

Dr. Desai discussing Wesley Matthews achilles tendon injury and treatment at Comcast Sports studios.

Stem cell therapy

Patient Experience

David Gravette, Professional Skate Boarder, received PRP and stem cell therapy at RestorePDX.

Stem cell therapy

Patient Experience

Christopher Smith, world record holder in speed golfing, received PRP and stem cell therapy at RestorePDX.

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Stem cell therapy for low back pain

Stem Cell Therapy For Low Back Pain

with Intra-discal Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate(BMAC) and Epidural Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): A Case Report

Lumbar disc herniations or extrusions are a major cause of persistent low back pain and sciatica. Current interventions include medications, physical therapy and epidural corticosteroid injections.

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Interventional pain management

Evaluate, Diagnose, Manage & Treat

RestorePDX is the first practice in the country to merge Interventional and Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Pain Management, Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine

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Interventional pain management

Surgical Alternatives- Interventional Pain Management: Reconnect with your life

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Decrease Pain, Improve Function and Quality of Life, Without Surgery.

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Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapies - Bone Marrow, Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC), Adipose (Fat) Stem Cell Therapy

The Biologic and Regenerative Institute at RestorePDX offers a promising alternative for anyone suffering from joint pain, or who may be considering elective surgery or joint replacement due to injury or arthritis.

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IV nutrient therapies are here to help.

Ask Jeff Grimm NP-C about the therapies and how they can quickly restore and revitalize your body. Formulas include: Replenish and Detox, Executive Stress Formula and more...

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  • “Jeff Grimm and the staff at RestorePDX are not only friendly and fantastic people, they know how to help people feel better. I have made amazing changes to my life and my health with the assistance of my friends at RestorePDX.”

    R. Brown
  • “I have been with Dr.Desai for approximately 3 years for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. During that time, I received PRP injections for low back pain, left shoulder pain and right knee pain and have had remarkable success. I have and will continue to let friends and family know of the therapy and procedures. Thank You Dr.Desai”

    Louis K.
  • “RestorePDX is the most welcoming doctors office I have ever been to. Jeff Grimm NP-C took the time to really figure out what was going on and has assisted me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.”

    Morgan E.
  • “RestorePDX’s staff are Rock stars. At each visit I have been treated well, been given great support and never waited more than 5-8 minutes. You are all a great team from front to back staff. Love having Wi-Fi sign on in a comfy waiting room I really think you all are doing a great job and should hear about it.”

    Malie A.

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