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I have an injury and I would like to explore options

Take a look at the areas we treat. We have solutions to help with every joint in the body!

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I’d like to learn more about a treatment

We are most known for regenerative treatments such as Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy. We also perform conventional therapies that are both covered and not covered by your insurance.

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I’d like to learn more about our team of providers

Our team of providers are some of the best in the world. They are most known for their ability to diagnose. You should meet them!

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I need help accessing the Patient Portal or billing

Or you can call our office at (503) 535-8302

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Specialized Treatment Options

In the heart of Lake Oswego, we bring some of the most progressive regenerative medicine options available to you from our world-renowned physicians.

PRP Therapy

Cell Therapy


Shockwave Therapy

The TLC Program

For Young Athletes

Cell Banking & Expansion

As a Center of Excellence, we offer some of the most advanced cell therapy options available. Learn more on how you could bank or expand your cells for future use.  

Cell Banking

Cell Expansion

Right-to-Try Options

Our Secret Sauce

Here’s what makes RestorePDX the smarter choice for your health.


Let’s make sure we know what we’re dealing with, shall we? Our team is all about precision diagnosis as we want to make sure we hit the nail on the head to get you back to your healthy, happy self.


We want to make sure that the treatment we give you is the real deal and not just some one-size-fits-all solution. Ask us about some of our innovative biologics such as: RestorePRP, RestoreLipo+PRP, and RestoreBLP.


We want to make sure it hits the bullseye every time and delivers the maximum amount of relief. That’s why we use top-of-the-line techniques, like ultrasound and x-ray guidance to make sure we’re injecting the goods exactly where they need to go.

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Set Up A Consultation

Injuries like joint or tendon pain tell us that your body’s recovery process is stuck. In your consultation, we will get an accurate understanding of what’s happening with your body. We will conduct a thorough physical evaluation and diagnosis, and discuss your health and activity goals.

Receive Your Treatment Plan

We prioritize personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual, offering various options such as conventional pain therapy, shockwave, Cell Therapy, or PRP, to ensure the right treatment for your specific needs.

Schedule Your Treatment

Our care team will assist you in scheduling your treatment, coordinating braces or supplements if necessary, and providing thorough information to ensure optimal outcomes and recovery. All treatments take place in our advanced clinic facility.

Get Answers From an Expert

We actually do things a little differently here at RestorePDX. Rather than waiting on hold for long periods of time or not getting called back at all, have us call you!

We have a new patient coordinator that you can schedule a 10-minute call with.

You have an injury and are exploring options

You need help accessing the Patient Portal or billing

“The caring, communication, and follow up at Restore PDX is consistent and makes one feel confident about the treatments, procedures, and overall medical care. The explanation as to what a medical treatment is targeting and potential outcomes is really necessary in the patients’ planning and decision making.”

– Edna, Z

“Dr. Desai took the time to explain the spine structure and some of the conditions that may be causing my soreness and pain. He also explained the diagnostic procedure he would complete in an effort to identify my problem areas so that a treatment plan can be developed. I found Dr. Desai and his staff to be very courteous and professional.”

– Claude C.

“From the first phone call to be appointment today with Dr. Manning, everything was very professional, and I felt the information I was provided with was honest and appropriate for my injury. The surgeon I had previously gone to immediately wanted to do surgery. I’m so glad there are options like Restore PDX!”

– Rose M.

“I very much appreciated the manner in which Dr. Blatz explained and educated me on my condition. Very friendly and caring. I feel in good hands.”

– Kay Y

Patient Stories

NBA Referee, Ken Maurer, relies on the health and dependability of his legs. After doing research and visiting different doctors, he found that Dr. Desai was the only one able to work with him to properly diagnose and progress the healing of his right knee.
Danika Klein was always on the go until her lower back pain halted her at a young age. The flare-ups and pain were so frequent and intense, she believed her only solution was major surgery.
Judy Harrington suffered an injury while doing aerobics. It left her unable to participate in any sports that she loved and injured her so badly that she could hardly walk.