We give your body a helping hand by harnessing its natural ability to heal itself! Our clinic offers an alternative to surgery with orthobiologics!

Understanding Orthobiologics

The human body has evolutionized over millions of years. We know that your body has its medicine. Orthobiologics uses your cells to treat your chronic pain and injuries. Here’s what we might suggest for you…

Shockwave Therapy

Not into needles? Start with Shockwave Therapy. Shockwave Therapy is best for your acute injuries involving muscle, tendon, and even bones! Our trained therapist uses a medical-grade device to deliver energy-based care to mobilize a response from your cells.


Stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. It’s the initial entry point into your Orthobiologic journey. We draw your blood and immediately run it through a centrifuge to begin concentration. After about an hour or so, we are left with anywhere from 15-30x concentrate from your baseline levels. PRP is great for laying down a foundation for repair in joints, tendons, muscles and bone!

Cell Therapy

Otherwise known as Stem Cells. This involves delivering specific types of your own cells (either fat or Bone-Marrow) to the site of your injury to stimulate the repair process. RestorePDX is most known for using LIPO+PRP and our world-renowned RestoreBLP product!

What Questions Do You Have Today?

What parts of my body can I have Orthobiologic Medicine performed on?

We Orthobiologic medicine all over the musculoskeletal system. That means soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bones. From ACL’s to Cervical Spine, our provider team performs some of the most groundbreaking Orthobiologic therapies in the world!

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What about the possibility of surgery?
Surgery is a possibility. However, we believe that you should at least find out if you are a candidate for a regenerative therapy treatment such as PRP or Stem Cell Therapy. We are committed to pointing you in the right direction!
What about the cost?
We do provide insurance covered therapies. However, Orthobiologic therapies are not currently covered by insurance. Learn more about these treatments and how we price them!

Let’s talk more about Orthobiologic treatments pricing.

Many in our field believe Orthobiologic medicine is not covered because we use your own blood, bone marrow, and fat cells to create the product that we reinject into you. It’s not a drug or device but your own cells. How does an insurance company make money? You tell us…

One of the main challenges in pricing your orthobiologic procedure is the variability in the cost of raw materials used to produce the treatments. Cell Therapy and PRP are harvested or extracted from your own body, which can be time-consuming and costly. In addition, the equipment and technology used to extract, concentrate, and prepare the orthobiologics can vary widely in cost.

How is your treatment price calculated.

When considering price, we evaluate each case on the following criteria:

  • What and how many products we use (PRP, Lipo+PRP, or RestoreBLP)
  • The area of your body we are treating
  • The complexity of your case
  • The number of areas or targets we are treating
  • The time with our doctor and medical team
  • If your case requires sedation 

Ask us about our no-interest payment plans so that you can leave our clinic having used needles and band-aids instead of scalpels and scars.

Your Orthobiologic Pathway

Depending on the severity and complexity of your case, we may recommend one or more of the below treatments. If you are currently in discussions with a surgeon, we suggest coming to visit RestorePDX before your surgery to see if an Orthobiologic can be an alternative treatment for your condition.

We prefer needles and band-aids vs. scalpels and scars!



Shockwave Therapy

No needles. Our trained therapists uses a medical-grade device to deliver energy-based care to mobilize your cells.
(Recommended 3-6 sessions)

Restore PRP

A Top entry point into restore orthobiologic medicine. Platelet-rich plasma is great for laying down a foundation for repair. We are able to concentrate your plasma 10x-30x.


A Superior stem cell therapy option. Fat cells support with grafting, PRP helps enhance your outcome. Works great for your joints!

Restore BLP

We’ve created a world-renowned mixture of your own bone marrow, fat, and PRP for the ultimate outcome.


Our commitment to you: If we don’t think an orthobiologic procedure will benefit you, we will let you know.

Have more questions about our pricing structure?

Have us call you! Schedule a 10-minute call with an Orthobiologic specialist to learn more about why we believe “Your Body Is Your Medicine.”It’s worth 10 minutes of your time!