Treatments: Regenerative Medicine, PRP Injections, IV Vitamin Therapy

Innovative Treatments. Lasting Results.

As an industry leader, RestorePDX combines the latest medical advancements and technologies to design the most effective, cutting-edge treatments for our patients.

Stem Cell Therapy

Cell (Bone Marrow Aspirate & Lipo-Aspirate Therapy) Find out why our non-surgical cellular therapies are remarkably effective at treating musculoskeletal injuries and age-related degenerative conditions like arthritis.

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PRP Therapy

As recognized international experts in PRP therapy, we are highly skilled at helping patients accelerate their body’s natural ability to heal, while reducing inflammation and pain.

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Surgical Alternatives

Our innovative, minimally-invasive procedures allow you to avoid surgery, while delivering effective pain relief and accelerated healing.

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Integrative Care

Our diverse range of treatments and services are designed to create optimal health in every area of your body—relieving pain, improving function, and supporting your lasting well-being.

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Our Unique, Patient-Centered Approach

As experts in both established and emerging medical modalities, our highly trained physicians and clinicians are committed to offering patients the most advanced, effective treatments available. Starting with thorough diagnostics that get to the root of your problem issues, our team will determine the best treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

Specializing in regenerative and translational medicine, our leading-edge treatments and procedures are precise, integrative, and highly individualized to each patient. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists is committed to listening to and collaborating closely with our patients, so we can find innovative solutions that improve the way you look, feel, and function. As a result, you can live better, happier, and healthier—and find the path towards vibrant well-being.

Patient Testimonials

“I have been with Dr. Desai for approximately three years for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. During that time, I received PRP injections for low back pain, left shoulder pain, and right knee pain, and have had remarkable success. I have and will continue to let friends and family know of the therapy and procedures. Thank you, Dr. Desai.”

–Louis K.

“Jeff Grimm and the staff at RestorePDX are not only friendly and fantastic people—they know how to help people feel better. I have made amazing changes to my life and my health with the assistance of my friends at RestorePDX.”

–R. Brown

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